In order to optimize the data processing within the EUREF Permanent Network, the principle of distributed processing is used. In this approach the EPN is divided in subnetworks which are separately processed by different EPN Local Analysis Centres (LACs).
The below mentionned EPN LACs all process a subnetwork out of the EPN following the rules and guidelines set up by the International GPS Service and supplemented by the EUREF Technical Working Group. They submit weekly free-network solutions (SINEX format) to the EPN Regional Data Centre BKG (availability).

The EPN Analysis Centres Coordinator (Karolina Szafranek from the MUT/WUT consortium) is responsible for combining the EPN subnetwork solutions into the official combined EPN solution. This weekly solution is tied to the most recent realisation of the ITRS and is made available as SINEX files to the IGS.

EPN Local Analysis Centres (EPN LAC) routinely submitting solutions LAC file Network
ASI Centro di Geodesia Spaziale G. Colombo, Matera - Italy
The Centro di Geodesia Spaziale processes a European subnetwork comprising IGS and EPN stations in the South of Europe. Their solutions are incorporated in EUREF since September 1996.
Yes available
BEK Bayerische Kommission für die Internationale Erdmessung of the Bavaria Academy of Science, Munich - Germany
The Bayerische Kommission für die Internationale Erdmessung of the Bavarian Academy of Science in Munich has been the Computing Center for the computation of the unified European Triangulation Network RETrig. It was also involved in the computation of the EUREF-89 GPS campaign. Since end of 1995, BEK has been producing weekly solutions of a EPN subnetwork.
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BKG Bundesamt für Kartographie und Geodäsie - Germany
BKG has acquired the capacity to routinely process permanent IGS networks. Since early 1996 it has been processing part of the European Network on a weekly basis.
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COE Centre for Orbit Determination in Europe, Astronomical Institute of the University of Bern - Switzerland
CODE is processing almost the complete European Permanent Network in order to create a reference solution which is used as a comparison for the solutions of the other EPN Local Analysis Centres.
The Center for Orbit Determination in Europe is a joint operation of the four institutions :
  • Astronomisches Institut (AIUB), Universität Bern, Switzerland
  • Bundesamt für Landestopographie (L+T), Wabern, Switzerland
  • Institut für Angewandte Geodäsie (IfAG), Frankfurt, Germany
  • Institut Geographique National (IGN), Paris, France
and is, as one of the IGS Analysis Centers, routinely performing global analysis of the IGS network.
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IGE Instituto Geográfico Nacional de España - Spain
The Instituto Geográfico Nacional de España started its contribution to the EUREF combined solution since September 2001 (GPS Week 1130).
Yes available
IGN Institut Géographique National - France
Since January 1998 the LAREG (Laboratoire de Recherche en Geodesie) processes a network of permanent French stations. It has started its contribution to the EUREF combined solution since November 1998 (GPS Week 982).
Yes available
LPT Bundesamt für Landestopographie, Wabern - Switzerland
Yes available
MUT Military University of Technology - Poland
Since December 2009 MUT LAC (GPS Week 1560) analyses data from several EPN stations distributed evenly along the Europe.
Yes available
NKG Nordic Geodetic Commission, Lantmäteriet and Onsala Space Observatory - Sweden
The NKG analysis centre is processing since December 1996 (GPS-week 886) a network of EPN and IGS stations in northern Europe. In addition, a more dence network of national permanent GNSS stations in Sweden, Denmark and Norway is processed.
Yes available
OLG Institute for Space Research (ISR/ASS), Graz - Austria
The ISR/AAS is the official data centre and one of the analysis centres of CERGOP/CEI. Since mid of January 1996 daily subnetwork solutions for all permanent Austrian GNSS stations and some surrounding IGS and CEGRN station have been computed routinely. Since mid of May 1996 weekly results have been delivered for inclusion into a EPN solution.
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RGA Republic Geodetic Authority - Serbia
The RGA analysis centre is processing since April 2011 (GPS-week 1632) its EPN subnetwork, which is composed of stations located mainly in southern and eastern Europe.
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ROB Royal Observatory of Belgium, Brussels - Belgium
The Royal Observatory of Belgium is processing the four permanent stations operated in Belgium together with a number stations of the EUREF network since February 1996.
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SGO FOMI Satellite Geodetic Observatory, Budapest - Hungary
The FOMI Satellite Geodetic Observatory is processing since December 2001 (GPSweek 1143) a network of stations distributed mainly in Eastern and Southern Europe.
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SUT Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava - Slovakia
The Slovak University of Technology is processing since September 2002 a network of selected EPN and IGS stations in Central Europe completed by EPN stations situated mainly in western and nothern Europe.
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UPA University of Padova, Padova - Italy
The University of Padova is processing since January 1999 a network of Italian stations and additional stations distributed along the Alps.
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WUT Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw - Poland
Warsaw University of Technology has been EUREF Local Analysis Centre since January 1996. WUT LAC submits to EUREF weekly and daily results of its EPN subnetwork, which is mainly composed of stations located in Central Europe.
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EPN Local Analysis Centres (EPN LAC) not routinely submitting solutions LAC file Network
DEO Delft Institute for Earth-Oriented Space Research, Delft - The Netherlands (no submission since wk No 1546)
The Delft Institute for Earth-Oriented Space Research, a research group of Delft University of Technology, has started to process GPS networks on a regular basis since 1994. Currently, DEOS is processing several permanent and campaign networks in Europe and South-East Asia. A dedicated solution is incorporated in EUREF since February 2001.
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Former EPN Local Analysis Centres (EPN LAC) LAC file Network
GOP GOP - Geodetic Observatory Pecny, Research Inst. of Geodesy, Topography and Cartography - Czech Republic (no submission since wk No 1774)
The GOP analysis centre processed subnetwork of EPN stations during the period of 1996-2014 (GPS weeks 0834-1773). In 2013, GOP suggested its reorientation towards a reprocessing activity of entire EPN network which is in effect since January 2014.
The GOP, however, still remains the IGS analysis center performing a global analysis of the IGS network in near real-time for generating ultra-rapid GNSS products.
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