The EPN provides 1Hz RINEX files in 15min interals are either converted from a real-time observation stream or coming directly from a station.

  1. For EPN stations that are not included in the IGS network: The 1Hz RINEX files converted from real-time streams are currently made available from the EPN Regional Data Centre BKG.
  2. For IGS stations: The 1Hz high-rate RINEX files coming directly from the stations or extracted from IGS real-time streams are available at the IGS Regional Data Centre BKG.

Login as anonymous and use your email as password. The high-rate data are only kept for a period of three months. They may be deleted at any time later without prior notice. The files are converted from EPN real-time streams coming either in RTCM v2.y or, RTCM v3.x stream format. Which stream and which stream conversion tool have been used is described in the RINEX headers.
The 1Hz files RINEX files converted from the real-time streams are stored as RINEX v2 (short file names) or RINEX v3 (long filenames). While the RINEX v2 files contain GPS and GLONASS, the RINEX v3 files may in addition contain Galileo, BeiDou and SBAS.