Equipment accepted within the EPN

The GNSS equipment used at the EPN stations complies with the EUREF standards. This means that :

The usage of antenna radomes is discouraged, but not forbidden.

Antenna/radome calibrations used by the EPN

The antenna calibrations used within the EPN are given in the epn_08.atx file (in usage since April 17, 2011), available in the standard format used to exchange antenna calibrations, the ANTEX format.
This file contains :

Type calibration values are applied in case no individual absolute calibrations are available. If no individual nor type calibrations are available for a specific antenna+radome combination, then the calibrations for the corresponding antenna without a radome (radome code: NONE) should be applied.

The map below shows for each EPN station what kind of absolute antenna/radome calibrations are available:

  • black: antenna/radome pairs with absolute individual calibrations (15.98%)
  • green: antenna/radome pairs with true absolute type calibrations (69.26%)
  • orange: antenna/radome pairs with absolute calibrations converted from relative values (6.56%)
  • red: antenna/radome pairs without absolute calibrations. In this case, the radome is neglected and the calibration values of the antenna with radome 'NONE' is used (8.20%)

The long-term goal of EUREF is to eliminate the red and yellow dots from this map and to have a network with antenna+radome equipment which all have true absolute ('individual' or 'type') calibrations freely available from the EPN Central Bureau. To achieve this goal, new antenna+radome pairs introduced in the EPN (new stations or replacements at existing stations) should, with some exceptions, be individually calibrated or have true absolute calibrations available from the IGS. More details are available in "Procedure for Becoming an EPN Station" and "Guidelines for EPN Stations and Operational Centres".

Where to go for individual antenna calibrations?

The following agencies/firms offer the individual absolute calibration of GNSS antenna/radome pairs :