Logs of EPN densification stations can be submitted using the usual EPN CB system or the M3G system (only for migrated OC).

CAREFULL (for the EPN CB system): Station log submission is only possible if the station has been attributed to a unique Operational Center (OC), see ftp://epncb.oma.be/pub/center/oper/ which then has the responsability of maintaining the station meta-data at the EPN CB. Existing EPN Operational Centres can send an update of their OC form to epncb@oma.be. After reception of the update, the EPN CB will send a notification to the OC once the EPN CB station log submission system is ready to receive the new station logs. New candidate Operational Centres are invited to contact epncb@oma.be to get instructions on how to proceed.

After submission, the log files of the densification stations will become available in ftp://epncb.oma.be/pub/station/densification/log/ (and in ftp://epncb.oma.be/pub/station/densification/log_9char/).