The primary products of the EPN Densification - in full accordance with the EPN multi-year combination products - are station position and velocity files published in various standard formats and expressed in ETRS89 and ITRS realizations. The recent densification solution is available in ITRF2014 and ETRF2000.
The present solution (D1933) incorporates weekly SINEX solutions from GPS week 1400 (November 2006) up to GPS week 1933 (January 2017) as from GPS week 1934 all ACs changed to IGS14.
Station categorization, as being done for the EPN stations, will not be provided because of the large number of stations. However a filtering approach is being implemented, where unrealistic velocities are removed. The filtering is being done locally, where the biased velocity is identified. At the filtering the tectonic pattern is also considered.
The publication of the numerical results on these web pages is planned after their approval by the EUREF Governing Board. The final revision of the products are in progress.

Description and additional information about the EPN Densification multi-year solution :